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SmartClass by Robotel

Digital platform + language lab + structured courses = innovative and engaging language teaching Your choice of SmartClass products

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Teaching Platform

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Language Lab

Autograded activities and instant feedback

With 19 activity templates, students will stay motivated. Nine activity templates are auto-graded which gives students immediate feedback to reflect on their learning and progress. It also leaves more time for teachers to grade the activities that need their expertise.

Add SmartClass Curricula in four languages, or convert your classroom into a modern language lab by adding the SmartClass Language Lab features for in-class activities such as presentations, monitoring students' work, and partner or group conversations.

A complete solution to fit your needs

Double your students' learning

Significantly increase speaking practice using audio and video recordings, as well as AI-based pronunciation exercises.

SmartClass Benefit

Pre-loadable curricula

Enhance your language teaching even more by using our SmartClass Curricula. We offer structured courses for English, German, Spanish, and Arabic, that can be integrated into our SmartClass Teaching Platform and Language Lab.

- Includes over 5,800 digital activities

- Focuses on listening and speaking practice

- 50% of activities are auto graded


More than 10,000 schools in over 90 countries

Robotel is an international company with more than 35 years of experience. We pride ourselves as leaders in the field of language teaching. Our digital solutions have been transformative for many schools and universities around the globe.

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