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We provide the best teaching and learning aids for all types of educational institutions. Our main focus is leadership support in using technology for operations, learning evaluation and strategic planning. Our smart class concept covers hybrid learning solutions and classroom management up to modern language lab.

1. Hybrid Learning Solutions

Hybrid Learning is a learning concept/approach that combines face-to-face learning methods and online learning methods, by integrating technology to support the learning process. It is the combination of virtual conferences, collaborative tools, learning and content management systems.

Our interactive display panel, SMART Board equipped with features and learning software - Lumio that allows teachers and students to do the learning process in the classroom or even outside of the classroom. It supports the Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) method for students.

To support online learning methods, complete with Aver for video conferencing system and Jabra for audio system to make a lively classroom. There are no boundaries at all.

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2. Modern Language Lab

We offer a modern language lab with Smartclass Language Labs by Robotel software. The ability to speak foreign languages, especially English language, is a provision for students to be able to communicate in a social life, as well as compete in professional life. This makes foreign languages included in the mandatory curriculum at both schools and universities. So, the current focus is on how the curriculum at schools/universities can encourage students to communicate actively. With the Let’s Talk English platform from Robotel, this is very possible because our platform not only emphasizes writing but also practice through interactive listening, speaking, and pronunciation.

The language lab is usually equipped with a PC or laptop, headphones, an Aver camera conferencing system, and a SMART Board interactive display panel.

3. Classroom Management

Our modern classroom management solutions adopt the idea of switching from traditional classroom management to digital classroom management.  

This method is mainly supported by our Smartclass Teaching Platform by Robotel software. Teachers or lecturers would be able to manage learning materials and learning processes, monitor the student's activity in the classroom, and auto-grades activities. Whether it is for individual or group sections, regardless of the teaching model (in-person, hybrid and online).

Upgrade your classroom with compatible existing equipment such as a PC or laptop and Aver video conferencing system.

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