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We designed very modern and reliable Enterprise Solutions to integrate various systems within the organization or companies. Supported by advanced software and hardware, we have elevated your office to innovative work environments. Our Enterprise Solutions covers smart office solutions, training centers and command centers.

1. Smart Office Solutions

Our smart office solutions built an intelligent working space that allows workers and the environment to collaborate to improve productivity by making employees feel at ease in the office. We collaborate on interactive display panels, booking room systems, desk booking systems, video conferencing systems and audio conferencing systems.

Start from the lobby area with our videowall or LED display ProLight that can display any information related to your company's branding. Scheduling meeting rooms is very easy and well organized with the Condeco Booking Room System. If your company applies a co-working space method, the Condeco Desk System will manage and employee attendance will recorded safely.

Your smart meeting room is well equipped with a SMART Board interactive display panel specially designed for enterprise needs. The software SMART Meeting Pro gives enterprise users a free space to collaborate easily. Online meeting feels so live with a supported videoconferencing system by Aver as well as an audio conferencing system by Jabra. We recommend what is best for your company's needs.

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2. Training Centre

Training Centre specifically designed to meet the needs of modern organizations or companies. Training centers as one of the important facilities for employees to learn and improve their capabilities related to their jobs. The learning methods could be applied to different environments, onsite or distance learning, using interactive display panels, video conferencing systems, audio systems and classroom management systems.

Basic on-site training center components consist of a PC/Laptop, Headset, and Classroom Management System using SmartClass by Robotel. If teachers or trainers need to show the presentation on a bigger display than the monitor, they can use the SMART Board interactive flat panel in front of the classroom. To support online classrooms, they can add Aver videoconferencing system and Jabra audio system.  

If the company needs to improve their employee foreign language, our Language Lab by Robotel will be suitable to support the fast-learning environment.

Aside from our solutions, we also provide our clients with customized solutions to fit the company’s needs.

3. Command Centre

The Command Centre provides the ultimate solution to manage people, sites, businesses and buildings. Command centers are usually used by military service, but they can also be used by institutions or companies. Our products mostly support display systems, video conferencing systems, and audio systems.  

The sophisticated command center comprised of ProLight LED Display as a main display at the front, where every important information shows up. If the team needs to brainstorm, the SMART Board interactive displays panel can be used as media for collaborations with on-site members or outside members. In this case, the SMART Board is used as the main source of content that mirrors to LED Display. For online methods, you can use our Aver video conferencing system and Jabra audio conferencing systems. This solution is also supported by other equipment required.  

To save important information or data, the user can use an iStorage - our encrypted flask disk or flash drive.

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